BVBA Dimabel was founded in 1997 after the takeover of an authentic and artisanal waffle bakery from Wallonia. Initially, only premium and sugar free waffles were produced for bakeries, specialty stores and retail.


Due to the large and growing interest of the consumer in “healthy” products, Dimabel started with the development and the production of organic waffles in 2000 and the sugar free product range has been expanded.


In 2009, a new company building, of more than 3000 m², was put into operation as a result of the tremendous growth. Hence, the production unit removed from Reningelst to Ypres. The product range was further expanded with fair trade waffles and new private label concepts for export and supermarkets.

Moreover, Dimabel invested in a finishing line in order to put a layer of real Belgian chocolate on top of the waffles, both in the sugar free and in the organic product range. In this respect, Dimabel is unique in the Belgian waffle scene.  


The most well-known Belgian waffle, the sugar waffle, is now also launched in an organic version. Waffle bakery Dimabel is the only waffle manufacturer worldwide who is able to make this organic sugar waffle.

In order to develop and produce this famous Belgian sugar waffle, the sister company Dimasugar fabricated the organic pearl sugar (available in various grain sizes) based on cane sugar. You can find more information about the sugar on www.dimasugar.com


With the growing question for waffles without palm or palm oil, Dimabel developed – as the only waffle bakery – a new product range with palm free waffles.


Waffle bakery Dimabel invests in a fourth production line for the development of syrup waffles, honey waffles, hazelnut waffles, protein waffles, savory waffles, waffles with special fillings, ...

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