Belgium is the country of the waffles. That is why waffle bakery Dimabel does not only have organic, sugar free/low-sugar, fair trade, … waffles in their product range, but also traditional Belgian waffles, premium quality. These are waffles made only with the best ingredients according to time-honored recipes.


Biscovit & Private Label

Waffle bakery Dimabel also develops, produces and commercializes traditional Belgian waffles: vanilla waffle, chocolate waffle, crunchy wafer, coffee wafer/waffle, butter wafer, Liège waffle (50 g - 90 g), sugar waffle, XL waffle, Quatre Quarts, butter waffle, flash / mini soft waffles ... .

We produce on the basis of our standard recipes or on specific or modified recipes at the request of the customer.

Waffle bakery Dimabel has various packaging for retail, catering & vending.

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