Waffle bakery Dimabel also makes customized or specific recipes and developments tailormade waffles for the customer.

Hereby we offer waffles with specific types of flour, palm-free margarines, in a light or Free From version, .... In addition, waffles can also be obtained with a Fair Trade or Max Havelaar label. Licenses are also a possibility.

Fair Trade Waffles

Waffle bakery Dimabel is FLO-CERT certificated (FLO-CERT N° 4713) and hereby supports the fair trade through the development and production of Fair Trade waffles.

In the fair trade and organic fair trade product range, at least 20% of the ingredients have a fair trade label and those ingredients are purchased at certified suppliers and/or producers.

With the purchase of fair trade waffles, Dimabel wants to contribute to a more worthy existence of farmers in developing countries and a better income so that they can take their own future in their own hands.

Waffles with the “Max Havelaar” logo are available on request.

Fair Trade Waffles
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